Photographer, Visionary, Storyteller, Poet, Master of Light & Shadows...

Amy Goalen Photography

Photographer, Visionary, Storyteller, Poet, Master of Light & Shadows...

Glorious Crescent Pose by a student is class taught by Steve Jones for Udaya online yoga videos. Location: PowerYogaEast, Santa Monica, CA
Production still for Udaya Entertainment. Look for their online yoga videos.
Yogi: Mark Brown
Location: PowerYogaEast
"Walking into that yoga studio was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and consequently for the people around me. It’s reminded me how it took away old injuries, aches and pains and brought me new confidence." ~ David Armour
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Bunch of amazing Acro Yogis from Austin, TX! 
Acro Yogi Chris Cox in an exquisite backbend Upward Facing Bow pose - Urdhva Dhanurasana.
This image is part of my book project “Inside the Warrior - the Masculine Side of Yoga.”  
I had such a great time photographing these yogis. They all showed me strength, flexibility, balance, skill and dedication that day. But beyond that, their passion combined with such positive energy makes them unstoppable!
Location: BFree Yoga, Austin, TX 
The Indiegogo campaign for my book/exhibition project “Inside the Warrior” will launch this Tuesday April 1st! …no fooling ;)
Sometimes the best portraits are “in between” the pose…
Pictured here is Austin Yogi Katrina Repman at BFree Yoga Studio. ©AmyGoalenPhotography

artoffitn3ss asked: Just wanted to say, awesome work! Very inspired by the pictures you take.

Thank you for taking the time to compliment my work. I have been most inspired by yoga and the people I am able to photograph. My current project is focusing on men who practice yoga and I intend to start traveling to different cities for these portraits in the coming months.

Many more inspiring pieces coming! 

Most Graciously,